Signal Name Code



Used by a Mazda test tool. It apparently can drive an LED or lamp and acts like the check engine light in the dashboard for reading computer error codes on the 90-94. Do not connect to either +12 or ground, Non-US cars may not have a check engine lamp. In that case, a light bulb or LED between FEN and B+ will serve the same function.

2. MEN Don't know what this does. Mess with it at your own risk..



Used for timing engine and for reading out Error Codes. Connect to a GND pin to activate. On a 94, if you press the accelerator with this pin grounded, the radiator fan will run



This is 12 volts. Used by Mazda test tool. Never ever ground this pin or there will probably be a fire in your wiring. Better yet, never connect anything to it.

5. GND Ground. There are two grounds.



Looks like the same wire as air bag warning light in the dash. Probably used by a Mazda tool to read the air bag controller,

7. -IG Tachometer signal. Goes to your tach on a 90 and a 94. Do not ground or connect to +12.

8. GND Ground. Goes to same place as the other ground..



Test Radiator Fan. Ground this pin and cooling fan should run. Used to test cooling fan relay and cooling fan.



For testing fuel pump. Ground this pin and fuel pump relay closes so you can testif the fuel pump or fuel pump relay work. It's a safety hazard if you drive around like this because it defeats Mazda's fuel pump shutoff.



Test Air Bag? Goes to the horn switch in the steering wheel. If you ground this wire, the horn goes off, but it's also indirectly connected to the airbag. My opinion? Don't touch it..