MX5 Wiring Diagram MK1 1.8 UK 

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MX5 Wiring Diagram MK2 SVT 1.8

(should have all the bits in a normal 2/2.5) 

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MK1 MX5 Diagnosis Port Information

To test your engine, first start it up and let it reach normal operating temperature. Then shut the engine off and proceed with work at the diagnosis connector. Using a wire with a led/diode in the middle, and a paperclip for the GND/TEN

1)Connect the GND and the TEN pins together.

2)Plug the LED negative terminal into the FEN port.

3)Plug the LED positive terminal into the +B port. (If you connect them the wrong way round the LED/Diode will not light as diodes stop flow in one direction)

NOTE: Port +B is a direct connection to the battery so do not earth by accident as it will spark and possible blow a fuse.

Return to the driver's seat and turn your ignition key to "ON" but do not start the engine. The LED should blink if it finds errors in the car.

4) The LED will illuminate for 3 seconds – this in confirming that the diagnostic system is operational.

5) A long flash (1.4 seconds) = 10 digits in fault codes.

6) A short flash ((0.4 seconds) = one digit in fault codes.

7) If you have more than one fault. there is a pause of 4 seconds between faults

If you have a US Miata then you do not need the LED, Use the lights in the dash.

If the code is a two-digit number, the "tens" digit will be displayed first, then for a short 1.4 second period the light will be dark, then the "ones" digit will be displayed. This will repeat after a four-second dark pause. If there are multiple codes, they will each be separated by a four-second pause and may include two-digit codes, so pay attention.

The Fault Codes are in your factory booklet however if you dont have them handy, these maybe correct for your car.



Clear The MX5 Fault Codes

After you are finished you may want to clear the codes. This can be done by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. Some people say press the brake pedal while connected. This is just to drain the residual power in any capasitors. This makes sense in theory but waiting 5 minutes should do. There are no high voltage capacitors in an MX5 ECU


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