Mazda MX5 NA MeisterR Clubrace Coilover Suspension Dampers 89-97

Product Code: MN04CR-NA
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Code: MN04CR-NA
Stock Status: In Stock
Mazda MX5 NA MeisterR Clubrace Coilover Suspension Dampers 89-97Please contact us first if you are considering purchasing this item. They are in such high demand that they can be very difficult to get hold of and are regularly out of stock so PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST. Thanks :)The MeisterR ClubRace is MeisterR's latest product line, replacing the much acclaimed CRD+. The ClubRace is designed for road and track use with a focus on track performance using high grip compound tyres.Using high spring rates and digressive damping with MeisterR CRD (Close Ratio Damping) technology;The ClubRace are tuned to provide response and stability under track use condition. Camber adjustment where applicable.(Note: Photos are for illustration purposes only and not model specific)FitmentMazda MX5 NA (Mk1) (89-97)Front Top Mount: Aluminium with Spherical Bearing Front Springs Rate: 12.5 kg/mm + Helper SpringsRear Top Mount: Aluminium with Rubber BushRear Springs Rate: 7 kg/mmFeaturesClose Ratio DampingThe CRD (Close Ratio Damping) is something engineered in house and it is unique to MeisterR.CRD keeps the compression and rebound ratio close to each other at the full stiff adjustments without going massively over critical rebound damping like you will find on many suspensions on the market.What this mean is you will have a comfortable ride on softer setting, but the stiffer damper setting will produce better grip as the increase in compression damping force will sharpen the steering response as well as force the tyre to generate more traction.The rebound force are also kept in check to not go over critical so it will not "jack down" the car.When suspension is over critical damping, it create unpredictable handling characteristic because the suspension are not allowed to work through it natural frequency.The CRD keeps the rebound force in check to make sure both compression and rebound are working together to get the most out of the tyres on a specific application.This is the product of a vehicle dynamic engineer with 20 years of experience to get an entry level suspension perform as best as we possibly can make them.As well as:- Robust and expertly machine assembly designed to more than meet up to the expectations of regular fast driving.- SAE9254 grade steel springs.- 32 levels of damping adjustment.- 'Black Chromium' thread coating to prevent corrosion to the threads which many brands suffer from- Separate height adjustment - adjusting ride height will not affecting spring preload, forgoing the need to alter the damping/rebound to adjust to different ride heights.Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding specification, fitting or setup.
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